Aben Technical Services are ISO17025 NATA Accredited Laboratories in NDT - No15676 & Mechanical Testing - No17106 - in Victoria.

ABEN Technical Services Now Offers Fast, Accurate, and Reliable On Site Chemical Analysis Services

  • Do you need to determine the chemical composition of a product and you cannot destroy it to send to a laboratory for testing?
  • Do you need to determine Carbon and light elements content required to identify alloys and handheld XRF (X ray fluorescence) analysers cannot detect them?

Using advanced portable optical emission spectrometer, ABEN Technical Services provides a fast and accurate chemical analysis service on your site anywhere OES is capable of analysing a wide range of essential elements at low levels such as Carbon (C),  Sulfur (S),  Phosphorus (P), Boron (B), Tin (Sn),  Arsenic (As) and Nitrogen (N).

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