Aben Technical Services are ISO17025 NATA Accredited Laboratories in NDT - No15676 & Mechanical Testing - No17106 - in Victoria.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

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ABEN Technical Services NDT staff have an extremely diverse background and extensive knowledge in methods, acceptance requirements and materials / process.
Technicians are certified NDT to Level 1, 2 and fully supported by Level 3 Technologists who hold ISO 9712 Certification with either the AINDT, PCN or CSWIP. In addition, our personnel have been trained, examined and hold SNT-TC-1A Certification. Refer to Quality & Technical for further information.


ABEN offers Advanced NDT services including

  • IRIS / Eddy Current / MFL & RFEC of air-conditioning chillers, refinery exchangers / condensers tubes, and power station tubes. Pneumatic pressure testing and vacuum guns are also used to individually check each tube for leaks or tube to tube sheet leaks.
  • Time of Flight Ultrasonic Testing (TOFT) of welds and plate to identify cracking and other discontinuities. Using TOFT in-conjunction with PAUT allows excellent determination of cracking and recording of defects.
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) of welds, forgings, castings and corrosion assessments. PAUT is currently being utilised more and more, replacing a number of Radiography systems and on-site weld inspection. The ability to record scans and defects makes it a perfect monitoring tool.
  • Pipe wall profiling and thickness assessments using Digital Radiography. Aben uses Digital x-ray system in-conjunction with flash radiography equipment to perform digital radiography to assess pipe wall thickness, welds, determine corrosion product and identify blockages.
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) of tank floors and roof plates. Results are captured by the equipment during scanning and verified using ultrasonic thickness and visual testing of the areas detected. Analysis software allows immediate checking of the areas detected in real time and further extensive analysis after tank completion.
  • Permeability testing of stainless steels is available using our specialised eddy current equipment.
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) weld and material scanning systems to detect surface breaking cracks.
  • Rail Inspection Walking Sticks to detect defects and allow complete coverage of the rail.


Our General NDT services include

  • Eddy current testing of welds, bolt holes, gears and material sorting on non-ferromagnetic and ferromagnetic materials using phase display equipment or purpose made conductivity meters.
  • Ultrasonic testing of welds, castings, forgings and thickness mapping / survey in all materials using A-Scan flaw detectors and various probe frequency, types / configurations. Special probes for AWS D1.1 inspection and castings of course structure such as irons and manganese steel are also available to enable these tests to be carried out.
  • Magnetic Particle using AC yokes, AC/DC Coils, AC / DC Bench Magnet in colour contrast or fluorescent wet particle or dry powder magnetic particle testing is available.
  • Penetrant in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Food grade compliant consumables are used in food industry vessels, stirrers and piping. Water washable, solvent removable or post emulsified methods in fluorescent or colour contrast are available.
  • Visual and Remote Visual techniques with fibrescopes and CCTV camera equipment capable of 1000 metres in sea water used on piping, tanks, pressure vessels, oil rigs, mining equipment and other industries.
  • Radiography of welds, castings, thickness profile and other metal components. We have available Isotopes, X-ray and CP X-ray equipment.
  • Flash Radiography of insulated piping and pressure equipment to determine under insulation corrosion which can be captured on film or on digital computerised equipment.
  • Vacuum box testing of tank floors and floor to shell seams using intrinsically safe air operated equipment.

For enquiries about the services that we can provide you with, please visit our contact page.