Aben Technical Services are ISO17025 NATA Accredited Laboratories in NDT - No15676 & Mechanical Testing - No17106 - in Victoria.

Pressure Vessel, Piping & Boiler Inspections

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ABEN Technical Services provides plant inspection surveys to ensure that statutory inspections and remaining life assessments are conducted and equipment continues to remain safe to use.

Our Inspectors are certified to either AICIP, CSWIP or API for the inspection surveys of in-service bulk storage, process pressure plant / piping and equipment with Inspectors having Dog Man certification for the inspection of lifting equipment, chains and slings.


Detailed inspection reports and recommendations are given in-conjunction and where required with engineers computations / compliance.



Pressure plant includes pressure vessels, gas cylinders, pressure / process piping, heaters, exchangers, boilers in fire tube and water tube configuration. This includes transportable and static equipment. Inspections are normally conducted to

  • Pressure / Process piping to API570
  • Pressure vessels to AS3788 & API510

Engineering computations including remaining life or design calculations can be performed for continued service and compliance requirements.

Refer also to our Pressure Testing Services and NDT Services that may assist plant owners after repairs.


Above ground bulk or process storage tanks, transportable tankers and underground tanks inspected to ensure compliance. This includes

  • Storage tanks to AS1940, AS 1692 and API653
  • Transportable tankers to AS 2809, AS 3788 and similar standards

Comprehensive reports including corrosion assessment calculation / rates,

Refer also to our NDT Services for tank floor / roof Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing and shell Ultrasonic crawler system.


Structural inspections are performed on a variety of sites where steel work, welding and other joining processes have been used and which include, but are not limited to the following;

  • bridges,
  • amusement rides,
  • building and hangers,


Our equipment surveys include inspection of lifting equipment and the availability of engineering design reviews

  • Cranes & lifting equipment
  • Chains / slings & devices
  • Elevated work platforms

Inspections are conducted in accordance with such standards as AS2550, AS1380, AS3775, AS1666, AS1438, AS4991, State OHS Requirements and (CICA) Crane Safe

For enquiries about the services that we can provide you with, please visit our contact page.