Aben Technical Services are ISO17025 NATA Accredited Laboratories in NDT - No15676 & Mechanical Testing - No17106 - in Victoria.

Vibration Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis

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ABEN Technical Services provides Vibration Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis Services to detect machine faults at an early stage which allows asset owners to plan maintenance measures ahead of time.

Excessive vibration levels are often used as an indication of a potential machine failure. With condition monitoring, vibration levels are measured and recorded continuously or periodically using a Data Collector. During this period, the trend in the machine’s vibration levels are analysed and if the vibration limits as per the requirement has been reached, detailed vibrational analysis will be conducted using a Vibration Analyser to be able to identify machine faults.

Machine faults that can be detected:

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Looseness
  • Bearing and gear faults
  • Lubrication problems


Benefits of Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis:

  • Determines early warning signs of machine failure
  • Identifies machine faults
  • Localises affected components
  • Extends machine life
  • Prevents catastrophic failure and production downtime
  • Ensures a safe working condition of the equipment

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