Aben Technical Services are ISO17025 NATA Accredited Laboratories in NDT - No15676 & Mechanical Testing - No17106 - in Victoria.

Welding Inspection, Supervision & Qualification

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ABEN Technical Services offer Welding Supervisors and Inspectors with extensive experience in all welding techniques on structural steel and pressure equipment in a variety of industries.

Welding supervisors and inspectors hold certification by the WTIA, IWI and / or CSWIP and are authorised inspection staff for fabrication companies that hold ISO17020 NATA Accreditation. Our personnel have a full array of inspection equipment including certified tong testers, surface thermometers, gas flow gauges, fillet and butt weld geometry and surface geometry gauges.


We have completed major projects in both workshops and on-site applications for pipelines, building structures, amusement rides, pressure vessels, pressure piping, storage tanks, rail and rolling stock, mining equipment and more.


Welding support can be provided for Australian, American and International Standards / Codes and include AS1554, AS3992, AWS D1.1 through to D1.8, API650, AWS D15.1, AWS B2.1, ASME code sec. II, VIII, IX,  ANSI/AWS B31.1 & B31.3, API 1104, AAR Specifications, ISO, EN, DIN and more.



We provide certified welding supervisors from the commencement to the end of a project or assisting on smaller scale work by performing one or all of the following;

  • perform site welding and safety audits
  • select welding consumables & techniques
  • perform and document detailed and concise welding procedures
  • qualify welding personnel
  • determine weld procedure qualification tests
  • setting up Inspection and Test Plans (ITP’s)
  • perform welding workshop & site inspection
  • establish and conduct welding quality assurance services
  • maintain and establish Manufacturing Data Reports (MDR’s)

We continually assist the welding personnel and report back to the fabricator / site erection management or engineering on the day to day welding performance.


An excellent understanding of physical welding methods with quality / documentation requirements is held and shared by the inspectors with clients and fabricators, including their vast knowledge of Australian & International Standards.

Full review of welding processes and procedures can be performed at the desk top and on-site, including results of physical, metallurgical and corrosion tests.

We also maintain visual surveillance of welding and fabrication on-site and comprehensive surveillance reports are generated weekly and made available to the equipment owner or engineering organization.

Refer also to Engineering Inspection Section for fabrication inspection and surveillance.

Our ISO17025 NATA Accreditation includes Visual Inspection of Welding.


Our welding specialists can provide witnessing and monitoring of welding personnel during welder qualification tests to new or established PQR’s / WPS’s and perform essential checks.

Welder qualification tests then have the essential NDT performed to the requirements of the appropriate application Standard and if required mechanical tests to certify welding personnel.

Continuous monitoring throughout production test plates and site testing of welds allows welding operators to maintain their certification in a particular process.

Databases have been developed and can be purposely tailored for workshops to allow maintenance of welder qualification test records and as formal proof of welding operator progress during fit up, throughout welding and on completion.

For enquiries about the services that we can provide you with, please visit our contact page.