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Case-Depth Measurement

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Case hardening or surface hardening is a process used to improve both the wear resistance and fatigue strength of metal parts under dynamic and/or thermal stresses. The process is accomplished by hardening the surface layer (called the case) without influencing the softer residual material (called the core). The combination of hard surface and ductility at the core is useful in parts such as gears, machine tools, bearings, shafts, automotive components, and etc. that must be very hard on the outside to resist wear but softer inside to resist impact that occurs during operation.


Case hardening methods including induction-hardening, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, cyaniding, and ferritic nitrocarburizing result in forming a thin layer of harder metal. An accurate and repeatable method is necessary to measure the hardness and thickness of the hardened layer for the quality control of the hardening process and also to confirm to the specifications. Moreover, the chemical composition and/or microstructure may be affected by any of those methods which need to be evaluated.


Using advanced testing equipment and measurement systems, ABEN provides timely and accurate testing services for quality monitoring and analysis of hardened parts and products including:

• Determining effective or total case-depth (the thickness of the hardened layer) by the hardness travers, micrographic, and micro-hardness test methods in accordance with AS 1982.
• Measuring the depth of the complete or partial decarburization layers by microscopic and hardness methods.
• Measuring hardness of surface, hardened and transition zones, core as well as weld/HAZ regions and secondary phases.
• Examining detailed microstructure of hardened parts and products.
• Determining material composition and element analysis using optical emission spectrometer.


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