Aben Technical Services are ISO17025 NATA Accredited Laboratories in NDT - No15676 & Mechanical Testing - No17106 - in Victoria.

Coating Inspection & Surface Testing

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Coating inspection and testing services can be performed on a variety of applications which include paints, fibreglass, epoxy coverings, lacquers and metallic coatings. Inspectors are certified by either the ACA, NACE or BGAS and have excellent knowledge of preparation cleaning and coating applications. Testing and inspection include the following services



Substrate tests are performed prior to the application of coatings. These tests include;

  • Testing for salts
  • Testing for impurities.
  • Testing for cleanliness
  • Testing surface profile

Tests are conducted in accordance with various Australian and International Standards as applicable.


Coating thickness testing performed using electromagnetic gauges or eddy current equipment against certified calibration samples. Coating thickness up to 10.0mm can be checked on metals.

Tests are conducted in accordance with various Australian and International Standards as applicable.

Refer also to our Non Destructive Testing – Eddy Current section.


Our services have been used on storage tank linings, piping systems, underground tank coatings and other fabrications prior to installation or during service. Holiday testing using the high voltage wire brush or low voltage wet sponge technique are both available to locate porosity within coatings.

Pipe and tube brushes are also available for checking external or internal surfaces of coated pipes and tubes. Testing is performed in accordance with Australian and International Standards by our experienced staff.


Our coating inspection capabilities include testing for adhesion to substrate, conducted in accordance with AS 3894 and similar International Standards

Adhesion test methods include;

  • Knife Tests
  • Pull Off Test

Knife text results are assessed by grading the nature/characterisation type and quality of removal of a particular coating.

Pull off tests are assessed through both the tensile bond strength and visual appearance of coating, given indication to a probable cause of apparent failure with respect to disbonding from substrate, cohesive issues within the coating or intercoat adhesion.

Coating curing tests include assessment of the degree of curing of various coatings by means of rub tests and various specialsed hardness tests in accordance with AS 3894 and similar International Standards.

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