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Ferrite Measurement

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Delta(δ)-ferrite, as a stable phase in the microstructure, is the form of ferrite that forms upon solidification in steels and welds. The amount of δ-ferrite has a significant influence on mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of stainless steels especially at high temperatures. While too much ferrite in stainless steels leads to reduction in ductility, toughness, and corrosion resistance, a deficit of ferrite content leads to increase the susceptibility of stainless steel welds to hot cracking or solidification cracks. It is therefore essential to control and monitor the ferrite level within specified limits for some applications.


Having a portable Feritscope ferrite content meter, ABEN Technical Services provides a fast, non-destructive, and accurate test to measure the amount of ferrite in stainless steels welds and components during fabrication or in-service applications.


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